Cairns Reef Fishing Tours

Only a short distance from Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia is numerous wrecks, reefs and islands. There are a huge variety of fish species that inhabit these waters. Fishing methods include live-bait and/or dead-bait fishing, bottom fishing, jigging as well as lure and popper fishing with surface lures.

On all our Reef fishing charters we include all top quality bait and tackle, a delicious lunch, bottles of water, esky with ice on-board and our experienced fishing guide `Darryl`.

We do ask you to bring along wide brim hat, long sleeve cotton shirt, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera and a few beers are Okay. From 6.30 am to 3.00 pm (app.)

We ask you to meet vessel `dont know` at the Marlin Marina in front of the Pier Shopping Centre on Finger D berth 2 at 6.30 am. Parking is available underneath the Pier Shopping Centre.

Common Reef fish species caught but not limited too: Cobia, Coral Trout, Fingermark, Mackerel Species include Spanish, Trevally species including Golden, Giant and Tea leaf, Nannygai species including Small mouth and Large mouth, Red Emperor.

On all our Bluewater fishing charters we supply the following gear PENN 560 slammer reel on a 15-20 kg ugly stick rod with 50 lb. braid fishing line.

For our popper fishing charter we supply Shimano Saragosa reel on Jawbone Popper rod with 50 lb. braid fishing line. If you prefer you can bring along your own fishing gear.


Up to 6 people can be on a share charter for live-bait/dead-bait fishing and/or bottom bouncing.

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$270 per person plus EMC-Reef Tax


Up to 4 people can be on a private charter for live-bait/dead-bait fishing and/or bottom bouncing.

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$1080 plus EMC-Reef Tax

Additional people $270 each

Up to 3 people only for a private charter for lure/popper fishing only.

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$1080 plus EMC-Reef Tax

Up to 3 people only for a private charter for GT (Giant Trevally) Popper fishing.

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$1080 plus EMC-Reef Tax


Cobia (Black King Fish)

Rachycentron canadum

A pelagic species with dark brown on back and down sides ; two sharply defined narrow silvery bands; and yellowish belly. minimum size: 75 cm; common up to 1.1 metres

Coral Trout

Plectropomus maculatus

Minimum size 38cm. Horizontal elongated spots to the head distinguish this species; wide colour variations within each species. Highly regarded eating fish.

Chinaman Fish (Galloper)

Minimum size 50 cm to maximum of 80 cm. Highly regarded eating fish 

Spanish Mackerel

Scomberomorus commerson

Minimum size 75 cm. A pelagic species; has numerous thin, wavy vertical bands on body; iridescent blue-grey back; silver sides with bluish reflections; juveniles frequently spotted.

Golden Trevally

Gnathanodon speciosus

No Size Limit, body of older fish has yellow-green back, pale yellow belly,

Giant Trevally known as GT

Caranx ignoblis

No size limit. The body and head are silvery grey; with a black back; usually paler belly; fins are usually uniformly grey to black. Excellent sports fish for popper fishing

Large Mouth Nannygai (Saddletail Snapper)

Lutjanus malabaricus

Minimum size 40 cm. crimson all over with dark saddle blotch becomes less distinct with age has bigger mouth than crimson snapper (small-mouth nannygai),

Red Emperor

Lutjanus sebae

Minimum size 55 cm. Juveniles and young adults have broad dark red bands which converge at a point beyond the top of the spiny dorsal fin; bars fade with age and fish become pink-red all over; dark edges with fine white margin may still be visible on dorsal, anal and top and bottom of tail fins; each scale carries a white dot.

Red Bass (Pongo)

Lutjanus bohar

NOTE: The red bass is a no-take species. It is a known ciguatoxin carrier and must not be eaten. Has dark red-brown upper body paling to reddish on sides and belly; fins dark red with almost black outer edges. Excellent sports fish for popper fishing

Spangled Emperor

Lethrinus nebulosus

Minimum size 45 cm. Has pale blue spots are ‘spangled’ over the upper body, blue lines from eyes over snout.

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