Smooth Water River Fishing

Your Smooth Water River Fishing adventure begins in the shadows of Mountains and takes you through Rainforest covered Russell River National Park; the rivers start out as freshwater but turn to saltwater as it moves closer to the mouth, before finally entering the ocean and flowing out to the Great Barrier Reef.

The Russell/Mulgrave River is approximately 40kms South of Cairns in Far North Queensland is lesser known yet is nestled under Queensland’s highest mountain, Mt Bartle Frere. It has premier sport fishing on offer, from bait to lure to fly-fishing.

Why not come and join a Smooth Water River Fishing Charter for the experience of the REAL Tropical Far North Queensland.

On all our river fishing charters we supply the following gear PENN 460 slammer reel on a 8-10 kg ugly stick with 10 kg mono fishing line. If you prefer you can bring along your own fishing gear.

On our popper fishing charters we supply is PENN 360 slammer reel on a Shimano raider rod with 10 kg braid fishing line.

The land and waters of Goldborough Valley are the traditional country of the `Dulabed malanbarra Yidinji speaking clan`. They called the Mulgrave River `Bana Baddi`.

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River Fishing Full Day Private Charter

Conducted on the Russell and Mulgrave Rivers and Mutchero Inlet (app. 40kms South of Cairns) with multi-fishing spots, there is a multitude of fish species to catch. Whether it is a day of lure fishing for Mangrove jacks, or a day of popper fishing for Giant Trevally and or Queen Fish, live-bait fishing or dead bait fishing for Barramundi or a combination of all four; the day is tailored to your fishing needs & wants including target species FOR A GREAT CAIRNS FISHING ADVENTURE.

We supply on all our river fishing charters all top quality rods & PENN reels, all bait & tackle, lures & poppers, bottles of water & tea/coffee, a delicious lunch, transfer to and from Cairns and you will be guided by our experienced fishing guide. Don`t forget to bring along your hat, your camera, sunnies and a few beers are OK. This is a full day of fun, exploring and fishing.

We ask you to wear a long sleeve cotton shirt and a wide brim hat and bring along sunglasses, camera, sunscreen and a few beers are Okay.

Full Day

6.30am to 4.30pm (app.)

Require more information? Email us

$960 for up to 4 people



Lates calcerifer
Has a soft and delicate white flesh; size is generally to 150 cm and 60 kg. The minimum size limit of 58 cm to maximum size limit of 120 cm and has a closed season from 1st December to 1st February to allow for spawning. Starts life out living in Freshwater of rivers and creeks, then ventures downstream into estuaries and coastal shallows. They are well-known and sought-after for their aerobic abilities when hooked.

Mangrove Jacks

Lutjanus argentimaculatus

Can grow to 120 cm and 16 kg. Has a minimum size limit for 25 cm. The juveniles live in the mangrove estuaries then when matured they prefer the shelters inshore coral reefs. For the fisher person they have excellent fighting abilities, as well as being a good quality table fish.

Giant Trevally

Carangoldes gymnostethus

Can grow up to 170 cm and over 60 kg. Live mainly in schools. A sought after angling tropical fish for eating qualities yet the flesh quality can vary between species from pale & dry to dark & oily. Commonly called GT`s.


Scomberoides commersonnianus

They are vicious feeder and strong fighters. Often get schools in shallow water but generally alone. Can grow up to 120 cm and 14 kg. Target species for Sports Fishing. The larger ones are preferred to cook fresh.

Fingermark (Golden Snapper)

Lutijanus johnii

Can grow up to 10 kg in weight. Live mainly around mangrove-lined estuaries, to the rocky headlands, but are mainly around the bottom of the snag. Has superb fighting ability and eating qualities. Has a distinctive finger mark on below anterior soft dorsal fin.

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